Thanks to our fellow Stitch y Bitch community for informing us about World Wide Knit in Public Day, which is from June 8-16! In the spirit of knitting in public, we will be meeting at Cleos Chicago and have a spot reserved in the beer garden. With that said, here is the info on our next meeting!
Where: Cleos Chicago, 1935 W. Chicago Ave
When: Thursday, June 13
Time: 7-9pm
For those who like to plan ahead, here is the date for the July meeting. Feel free to provide ideas for the meeting location!
Where: TBD
When: Wednesday, July 10
Time: 7-9pm
Remember to bring your needles/hooks and current projects. Hope to see you at Cleos!


Long time no see/chat/stitch! After a short hiatus, I am pleased to say that El Stitch y Bitch will be getting together soon and more often. YEY! I dearly miss hanging out with everyone, but it has been a bit challenging for me to organize meetings these days. With that said, I am SO excited to say that you will soon be hearing about meetings from one of our newest knitting-enthusiasts: Monica Fuentes! We will also be collaborating in planning Beginner’s Nights and our usual fun plans. Your feedback and support is always welcome, so if you have an idea or want to help out, please let us know. 

Info on next meeting:

Where: La Catrina Cafe, 1011 W. 18th St.
When: Thursday, May 2nd
Time: 7-9pm

Bring your needles/hooks, your current project and of course your lovely selves.

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Hola lovelies!

Sending a much overdue update on Stitch y Bitch happenings. First, a BIG thanks to all who contributed to the SyB table for the Crossroads Fund craft fair. Thanks to your donations we were able to raise $ for more Stitch y Bitch projects, mimosas and fun.

newyorkscarf5I want to extend an invitation to one of the Sage knitting nights. Let’s help them make scarves for their Winter Sale!

Knitting Our Way to Community Care
When: Thursday, December 13 @ 6pm
Where: 2514 W Armitage Ave
Details: Knitting circle with Rachel Wallis to create scarves for Sage’s Winter Sale
All skill levels welcome! Supplies and lessons available!


I look forward to seeing  you!

What’s new with everyone? This fall is full of great opportunities for all including a few SyB get-togethers and a craft fair. So. Excited!

Crossroads Fund is hosting Art for Change on Sunday, November 4th. You can get your holiday shopping done in support of this amazing organization! Also, El Stitch y Bitch will have a table to fundraise for more awesome projects. Here are a few ways you can get involved:

1. Donate a handmade item (knit, crochet, embroidery, anything DIY) to sell on Nov. 4th.
2. Chip in $5 to cover the cost of the table.
3. Donate food to snack on during the event.
4. Volunteer to woman the table.

There’s still room for more vendors! More info here.

Upcoming Stitch y Bitch meetings:

*Wednesday, October 17th
@ Barbari Pizza
2020 W. Chicago Ave.
*We will have tons of info on the upcoming craft fair.

*Thursday Nov. 1st
@ My Apt.
*Drop off for craft fair.


You are cordially invited to

Hanal Pixán Food for the Souls: Dia de los Muertos 2012

1852 W 19th St.

Chicago, IL 60608

Opening Reception

Friday, September 14, 6-8:30pm

Exhibition continues through December 16

El Stitch y Bitch is thrilled to share their quilt-form ofrenda. Over the last 4 years, El Stitch y Bitch has created community through the one thing that unites this diverse group: the celebration of Do-It-Yourself culture. As a group mainly consisting of women from many walks of life we keep the tradition of the handmade alive through our regular knitting circle meetings. In our second ofrenda, we have carefully created a quilt out of love and continuity for those who have inspired us to create, work and live.

Participating El Stitch y Bitch artists:

Adriana Baltazar, Laura Barba, Linda Barba, Rayberth Arroyo Di Vicino, Mylene Domenech, Charly Garcia, Irasema Gonzalez, Erika Hernandez, Ma. Del Carmen Adriana Huerta, Claudia Marchán, Naomi Martinez, Victoria Martinez, Naomi Mendia, Giselle Mercier, Belia Ortega, Elvia Rodriguez-Ochoa, Kristina Roque, Thelma Uranga and Rachel Wallis

This Wednesday, July 11 we will have our regular monthly meeting. Since we are in the middle of our Dia de los Muertos project, this will be a working meeting for those who have jumped on thus far. For those who would like to get involved, there is still time! Stop by Wednesday to pick up info and any supplies needed. We will meet at my apt (email stitchy.bitch@yahoo.com for address) at 7:30 and can work well through the night.

If you’re super interested in the Dia de los Muertos project, but are unable to make it this week, shoot us an email and I can share the plan.

We will have a few more working dates this month and will follow up with that asap.




Hola Stitch y Bitch!

Beginner’s Night is still on for next week. Karla, Laura and Naomi will be holding down the night for all the new crafters that will be joining us. Our meeting will be on Wednesday, June 13 from 7-9pm at Efebina’s: 1640 S Blue Island. You’ll want to look for them in the back room of the cafe. Supplies (knit or crochet) will be available for you beginner’s so no need to worry about that. Just shoot us an email at stitchy.bitch@yahoo.com if you plan on attending 🙂

In case you haven’t heard the great news, El Stitch y Bitch has been invited to once again create a Dia de los Muertos ofrenda for the 2012 exhibition at the National Museum of Mexican Art. If you’re interested in being a part of this project, the planning meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 20th at 7pm at my apt. (email us for address).

Take care and have a great weekend

El Stitch y Bitch is excited to share the news that we will once again create an ofrenda for the National Museum of Mexican Art’s Dia de los Muertos exhibition this upcoming Fall. We couldn’t be more thrilled to let the collaborative, creative juices flow! We will have more updates for those who are interested in contributing very soon.

At the moment Beginner’s Night is still on for June 13 at Efebina’s: 1640 S Blue Island from 7-9pm.


Hey dolls!

A quick update for this month’s Stitch y Bitch. We will meet at my apt. where the only awesome event happening is… OURS! Same time: 7-9pm. Please send an email to stitchy.bitch@yahoo.com for address. Bring your hooks/needles and your awesome selves and a snack or two if you can. I’ll have something yummy and a few records going.

Also, our June Stitch y Bitch will be on Wednesday, June 13. I’d like to invite all of our beginners to join us for a fun lesson on the awesomeness that is knitting/crocheting. More details on that soon.

Look forward to seeing you this Wednesday!


Hello El Stitch y Bitch,

Looks like Spring is here to stay! What goodies are you working on?

I guess I’ve been enjoying this weather too much, because scheduling this month’s get together went way over my head. Despite that, I still want to see what everyone is working on! So let’s plan to meet on Wednesday, April 25th at Efebina’s: 1640 S Blue Island from 7-9pm. What do you say?

The May SyB will still be on the 2nd Wednesday: 5.9.12. Maybe if it’s nice enough we can have an outdoor meeting or if you have a fun idea, please send it my way.

See you all soon!