Wow! El Stitch y Bitch has been getting a lot of attention, and we are loooooving it.
After the post on ChiRemezcla, we decided to live up to our name and run out and put up some wonderful new pieces. This was a much more adventurous night with a total of five pieces right on 18th St. We were a bit on edge, and are almost certain that coppers saw us a few times, but ran on the adrenaline rush and had tons of fun!

Five pieces pumped out by three stitch y bitch ladies: Stephanie with her oh-so-cute flower, Bibi making some serious statements with her KNIT and rainbow piece and Thelma sticking to the traditional colorful pieces. 
Unfortunately, I am sad to say that not even a week later three pieces were missing–the best ones too (Bibi’s Rainbow and KNIT)! Super sad face. 
BUT! While the pieces were still up, a good friend (and fan of ours) noticed Bibi’s Rainbow and asked Thelma to represent El Stitch y Bitch on Radio Arte’s Homofrecuencia. WOW.  Thelma discussed how the group started and was also able to send out the message that the knit graffiti pieces are for everyone; we’re totally glad that people like them, but they shouldn’t take them down, because they are a public art!!!  I don’t think any of us were really prepared/knew how to deal with it, but we really want all people of the community to enjoy them. 
With that said, we’re ready to knit up some tougher, fiercer and more strategically placed graffiti.