These knitters are exhausted after an amazing experience at the NFO XPO (pronounced info expo)! 

We never expected to be invited to an art festival, but our friend and fan Miguel Cortez from Antena invited us to make something and show it. We were semi-nervous to come up with something conceptual, but had the freedom to make a performance piece or just a regular knitting circle… so, we combined both! We used a piñata covered in knitted fabric as the cultural object to best represent us; while utilizing it’s festive significance to address the popularity behind knitting. 
Here’s how it worked: at the end of each of the piñata’s points were thin pieces of knitted fabric, much like the streamers that hang from a normal piñata. People were able to knit off these pieces, adding their own touch and contributing to the piñata itself as the pieces grew longer and longer. 
It needs to be said: El Stitch y Bitch threw down!!! We made so many new friends and taught so many people how to knit. And to think it all started with the sketch shown above!
*A special shot out goes to honorary Stitch y Bitch lady, Erin Miller from Boulder, Colorado. We taught her how to knit in one weekend and the girl is addicted. And a very special thank you to all our friends (new and old) and family who came out and supported El Stitch y Bitch.

A bit of chisme for everyone: Charly and Stitch y Bitch lady, Stephanie officially got engaged that same weekend!!! Love is in the air! 😀