Champaign-Urbana’s first ever Pecha Kucha was a blast and extremely well receieved too! Christina Tapp and her team of CUDO peeps did an amazing job of organizing and bringing in the masses of people.

Thelma and Stephanie (along with good friend Austin) took a nice drive and break from the city to Champaign and with a few nerves and excitement gave an overall fun talk on the history of El Stitch y Bitch. After shrugging off the initial stage fright and along with a few jokes and an unexpected potty mouth, Thelma got through the talk more or less smoothly.

In case you are not familiar with how a PK presentation works, the trick is 20 slides/20 seconds per slide. This system allows creatives to present their media in a quick, fun and spontaneous manner. El Stitch y Bitch’s presentation was chronological, but also carried the theme of building a community, our involvement within Pilsen and ultimately being united with a range of people through the craft itself. Also, while holding consciousness of the history of traditional graffiti, we borrowed from the 80’s documentray Style Wars, with a bit of a twist: claiming that we are knitting in communities and on them.


After the big talk and night was over, we were able to let loose and relax and finally get some rest too. Aside from all the fabulous Champaign-Urbana eating, these stitch y bitch ladies made a super sweet visit to the local yarn store Klose Knit. If you’re in the area, make this your yarn shop! The ladies are all super friendly,helpful and welcoming. The stitch y bitch ladies easily spent three hours admiring yarn, chatting away and knitting, of course.

Overall, it was a fantastic weekend in Champaign-Urbana. A very special congratulations goes out to Christina Tapp for bringing PK to the CU. For more PK Vol. 1 pics check out their Flickr account. Congrats to ALL on fabulous presentations!!!